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Sunday, November 18, 2018 
Why ?

makes it easy for students, parents, and teachers to clearly communicate and understand today's assignments, with unique benefits for each.


  • Stay current with homework even when you're home sick or out of school for other reasons. No need to fall behind and be faced with a mountain of homework when you return.
  • Eliminate wasted effort spent chasing down the correct assignments. Use your time to do the homework, not find out what it is!
  • Access it anywhere - even the public library.


  • Talk with your kids about what they learned at school today - makes it easy to get specific.
  • Helps you stay on top of kids' assignments, making sure they're doing all the homework. No more wondering if every assignment is accounted for.
  • Working parents can be aware of the child's workload, even before they leave for home.
  • Lets you plan schedules in advance, around due dates for major projects. Avoid last minute surprises about that project assigned three weeks ago that needs to be turned in tomorrow.




Teachers and Principals

  • Kids learn more when they do homework; reduces obstacles that sometimes prevent them from getting it done. You can cover more ground during class if all the students have prepared in advance.
  • Reduces time wasted in class rehashing issues about missing homework, gives you more time to spend teaching, less time disciplining.
  • Lets you use the power of the Internet to communicate quickly and easily - everything from homework assignments to classroom and school calendars.
  • Provides your school with one of the major benefits of a dedicated school web site - without the expense.

Why us?

  • At we focus on doing one thing well - homework - not grades, attendance, and administration systems.
  • Easy to use - no need to be a computer expert--but our site makes you look like one! Easy to use interface lets you post assignments quickly and easily.
  • Simple graphics and efficient page design so pages load quickly, even when using dial up modems.
  • Costs less than a penny a day per student - affordable even for schools on tight budgets.
  • Exclusive features like spell check and classroom calendar add value without extra cost.
  • We do all the work necessary to set up your school - all you need to do is post the assignments - and we can even do that for you if you'd like us to!
  • Already have a website for your school? No problem - we can easily set up a link to your school's existing site.

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