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Tuesday, September 26, 2017 

Homework is an important part of the learning process.

Teachers use homework to gauge how well students are learning the subjects taught in class and it gives students additional practice without taking up valuable classroom time.

Studies have shown that kids get better grades when their parents are more involved with their schoolwork. With parents have the ability to more easily become involved in their kids' education by reviewing, checking, and discussing the daily assignments.

In a perfect world, all students would have a list of all their homework assignments for every subject. However, there are often reasons, some legitimate and some careless, that cause students to arrive at home without the day's homework assignments.

Two things generally result - a series of phone calls to classmates to find out what the assignments were, or failure to do homework at all.

provides a definitive, accurate method for you to see the homework, ensuring that everyone will be aware of the correct assignments.

It's not our goal to replace the traditional method of assigning homework in class; we are simply providing an alternative for those occasions where someone has not taken the assignments during regular classes.


Napoleon made his battle plans in a sandbox.
The first electronic computer, ENIAC, was 80' long and weighed 30 tons. Today's PC's are 50,000 times faster and can store a million times more data.

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